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Application Process, Offline Membership Details

We are looking for outstanding men and women who care about taking care of their family, friends and neighbors in uncertain times or situations.

Due to the popularity of our organization and the services and products that we offer to all members, we have a detailed "Discovery" process that starts with filling out a form that shares with us your interests, hobbies and other background history that is useful when it comes to prepping and preparing.

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Yes, of course!

Home Guard Tactical/Prep is not only veteran owned, but, woman owned as well.

We welcome women and children to join!

Yes, as long as their parents are also members.

To join as an adult, you must be 18 or older.

Chargebacks & refunds

Before applying for Membership or taking advantage of our Members-Only shopping discount or trainings, please read the following:

We will pursue all legal recourse allowed to us as a Merchant to win a chargeback, so it's best that you don't purchase product from us and then chargeback your credit card.

A chargeback is when you knowingly make a purchase with the intent to call your credit card company, lie to them and say that a fraudulent charge was made, when in fact, that charge was made by you and your intent was merely to score free product.

There are no Refunds or Exchanges on physical items.

As for the Membership Buyers Club, please subscribe to the correct Membership Category for we will be checking your application to be sure that you are a LEO or other member of any local, state or federal law enforcement entity. This pertains only to our SPECOPS Buying Program Members.