Welcome to HGT/P

Welcome to HGT/P

I’m sure you are wondering who we are and why we started our company. 

Home Guard Tactical & Prep, also known as HGT/P, came together from different preparedness groups from all around Louisiana. We decided that we wanted to provide our members and others in the Preparedness Community with high quality but affordable products and training that fits the needs of the Patriot and Preparedness Community. We are two fold, a company and an organization. 

As a Company, we wish to provide our customers and clients with a wide variety of Tactical, Preparedness, Bushcrafting and Emergency Medical kits sourced from the best companies from US, and elsewhere when we have no choice. Our first focus is to support business owners and manufacturers here in the United States, but understand that most products are manufactured overseas.  Our goal is to provide the best quality and craftmanship regardless of product to our members and customers.

We are also a MaN (Mutual Aid Network) a Preparedness Group and a Trained Security Group when necessary, and we pride ourselves by working with local Sheriff's departments to assist, as called for, at events across the state.  Our first and foremost focus is our pledge to protect, serve and support our neighbors and local law enforcement as needed and when in time of need.

We are selective about our membership. We look for outstanding citizens who wish to be active in our organization and must be of good moral character. That understands and practices preparedness and tactical training to the best of their ability . We follow the values and principles of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Right and members must do the same.

Saying all this we plan this space for how to's, community alerts and at times our opinions and views on things happening in the world. We may be polite in what we say but we will never be politically correct. Thank you for coming by and visiting for a while. By the way, look around a bit and  buy something while you're here as you will be supporting our vast network which includes military veterans, law enforcement (active and retired) and our communities when in time of need.

Again, Welcome from the Founding Partners and from the whole Home Guard Tactical / Preparedness Family

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