Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit

The most important thing to have in your Get Home Bag is the Warrior Spirit.

At Home Guard, we believe in preparing our members and customers for the tough times ahead, in these uncertain times. If you don’t have hope and faith, no amount of equipment is going save you.

A person with a “Warrior Spirit” has the conviction to do everything to the utmost of their ability. It doesn’t matter what they are doing; whether it's taking out the garbage, or working at a job they do not like. They always do their best because this is who they are, not because they are seeking rewards. The rewards may follow, but the Warrior doesn’t care, for their reward is knowing they did their best.

A person with a “Warrior Spirit” never needs to brag or exaggerate. Why? Because they know deep inside they have done their best. Humility, confidence, and peace flow naturally from actions which embody a 100% effort and commitment.

A person with the “Warrior Spirit” seeks always to better themselves. They continue to learn and evolve because it is their nature. Change is constant and undeniable; the warrior wastes no time resisting the natural flow of the universe. To stand still is to become toxic, as stagnant waters do.

A person with a “Warrior Spirit” takes responsibility. Not out of obligation, or out of fear, but because a warrior is self-contained. They move through this world leaving no tracks, no marks, no harm, and in doing so they will have made a difference.

A person with a “Warrior Spirit” is true to themselves. They speak their truth and hold their head high, knowing that all is equal. Nothing and no one is below them, or above them. They reflect a balance of both positive and negative, male and female, hard and soft. Strength without balance is easy to overcome.

A person with a “Warrior Spirit” trains their body, mind, and spirit to the highest level of strength, balance, and integration, and then continues to evolve.

It is your personal responsibility to take on the Warrior Spirit if you wish to thrive in the times ahead.


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